Janus 360

    Integrated system to analyze event footprint, venue calendar and housing demand.

    Identify event requirements and match venues with the help of forward and backward looking event calendars, verified attendee and exhibitor database and housing needs.

    Since 2017, our proprietary event database tracks 6,000 large U.S. trade shows, corporate events and professional conferences covering 95% of trade industry.

Event Association and Managers

Analyze venue calendar, venue size and comparative event analysis.

  • Expedite venue search process

Venue Managers

Research events, analyze historical footprint and develop target list.

  • Improve future events target list precision

Destination Management Organizations

Analyze event location footprint using historical calendar and event size database.

  • Drill down event calendar by specific criteria and reach event organizers


Use room price engine to generate future demand profile driven by verified attendee and exhibitor count database.

  • Future hotel room demand analysis by venue, city, state and calendar time periods
  • Map venue location and hotel demand profile with event calendar